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The Philadelphia experiment was done in 1943. The point was to make a ship, the U.S.S. Aldridge, invisible to sonar and radar. The problem came when the experiment worked. The ship not only became invisible to radar, but invisible to the naked eye as well. It was gone. Somehow it dematerialized, and with it went its crew of 181 sailors.
The ship dematerialized in Norfolk Harbor, VA. It materialized in Philadelphia Harbor a full 24 hours later, but there were problems. Out of a crew of 181, 21 survived most only to die a short time later, 40 were dead, and 120 never came back. The story of the Philadelphia Experiment is of course "officially denied," but it is a very real story. Very real, and very terrible, mainly because denial of the incident also denies the service men who died in the experiment peace.

The experiment was allegedly based on an aspect of the unified field theory, a term coined by Albert Einstein.The Unified Field Theory aims to describe mathematically and physically the interrelated nature of the forces that comprise electromagnetic radiation and gravity, in other words uniting the fields of electromagnetism and gravity into one field. Consequently, if light were bent, then space-time would be bent, effectively creating an invisible time machine. To date, no single theory is known to have successfully expressed these relationships in viable mathematical or physical terms

Philadelphia Experiment Notes:
In July 1943, a battle ship pulled into the Delaware Bay area for a Naval experiment that involved making the ship invisible in some way. This project's official name is 'Project Rainbow', but was nick-named the Philadelphia Experiment.

For some reason, this test was covered up soon after the experiment was over, which some say is because they made a huge scientific discovery and the ship was accurately transported over space and time, then reappeared. BUT, you have to keep in mind that their are other stories that include aliens taking sides in WWII with Hitler and the U.S.

The fact is that the truth has long been covered up with speculation.... ah well... it still makes for an interesting story, and maybe even a kewl web page.

Hide and seek with the mines:
Well, with every secret cover up, there's the 'Official' record of what happened, in this case...the Navy's record.

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The Navy admits to taking the battleship, the USS Eldridge, and wrapping wire around the hull of the boat (this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands: ) in an attempt to cancel out the magnetic fields of the the metal on the ship. This is known as degaussing. This would render the ship 'invisible' to underwater magnetic mines that rely on proximity sensors to trigger there detonation.

These proximity sensors (metal detectors) work by detecting the magnetic fields around metal objects. This was the main idea behind the wire around the ship, it was supposed to cancel out the magnetic field around the boat.

Without a magnetic field, the ship would therefore be 'invisible' to proximity minds. The Navy claims this was the goal of 'Project Rainbow', to make the ships invisible to enemy mines, not to radar or vision. As far as official accounts go, this one is pretty ordinary. It gives a reasonable and believable account of what happened. But it could be a reasonable and believable cover up to what happened as well. Who knows?

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Sonic boom!
There are also scientists that speculate that the navy was working on a way to make the ship invisible to vision, but in a less complex way... than warping space and time around it. This theory suggest that the ship was equipped with high frequency generator that would heat up the surrounding air to cause a mirage, making the vessel invisible.

This phenomenon is a naturally occurring fact their have been cases where entire islands have disappeared from view, when the conditions were right. The high frequency generator would heat up the surrounding air (and the water, crating the greenish fog that was said to of engulfed the ship), and caused a mirage to form, concealing the ship from view.

This generator would also account for the sickness (physical and mental) of the crew after the experiment. A high frequency generator can really screw with a persons well being, especially at close range. This is certainly more plausible than the degaussing theory, and explains the sailors' sickness.

But this doesn't show how the USS Eldridge could be seen in Norfolk, Virginia (being teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), by the civilian crew of SS Andrew Furuseth, when the ship disappeared from view in only a space of about 15 mins. And the ill details like crewmen having appendages fused the hull of the ship, and some men not even coming back. And believe it or not....the last attempt at answering this riddle may even be more outlandish than the enigma itself.

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Now you see it, Now you don't: The most interesting theory about the Philadelphia Experiment, Project Rainbow, is that it actually did disappear and was transported across time and know, the everyday stuff.
Supposedly there was a great number of well known and ingenious scientists, like Einstein and Tesla, that were taking a part in this experiment. Its still questionable to whether or not Tesla was actually there, he was supposed to of been dead when the testing was taking place (who knows, it might be part of a VERY elaborate cover up, or just a rumor that someone tried to make fact).

Now, I'm Definitelynot well learned in this area of physics or just science, but I'll try to relay the info as best I can, and hope I don't screw up too badly. But the theory goes like this, they wanted to make the ship invisible to vision, and to do that u have to bend the light around the object in some way. So they wrapped the ship's circumference in wire and passed a measured current through it.

This caused a huge oscillating magnets to form a magnetic field around the ship, not only bending the light but space and time. At first this sounds like something out of a Scifi book (as I've been told), but only recently scientist have concluded that even the earth has space/time eddies, in the upper atmosphere, that are created by its gravitational force on the space around it.

So isn't it possible that a magnetic field (which is a stronger force than gravitation) could of created not only the same but a stronger and more contained affect on the ship and everything thing with in this field?
Again I am totally out of my league here, and am only speculating, but sometimes what we take as impossible, is only impossible from our narrow views, and only need to be widened. This field supposedly bent all three, light, space, and time, according to Einstein's uncompleted Unified Field Theory once you bend one you bend them all, and the ship transversed all of them to Norfolk, Virginia. Then was sighted back at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in only 15 mins.

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The first time this test was performed the ship didn't disappear all the way, and supposedly left the imprint of the hull in the water. And when the ship returned the crew was still in tacked, but severely disorientated. The second time the ship totally disappeared in a green fog and was sited in Norfolk, Virginia, by the crew of the SS Andrew Furuseth.

Not only that, but the crew was seriously disorientated.... some of them came back mentally ill (some mentally ill for the rest of their life).. some came back embedded in the hull of the ship... and some just didn't come back at all. Some of the people to come back seemed not to have completely come back either.

There was a reported incident, where one of the former crew of the USS Eldridge was at a restaurant and just disappeared in a room full of witnesses. And a newspaper article of a bar room fight, in which a former crew member was a part of, and everyone in the fight froze.
There are also accounts of people that where on the ship, later bursting into flames.

A shot in the dark:
From all of this we really can't say much, which is mainly from the total lack of hard evidence and reliable witnesses.
For example, the main guy to come forward with this information was Carlos Miquel Allende, who is also a SciFi writer... so is he telling the truth or just writing a master piece? Also there has been no documentation found on 'Project Rainbow' in any of the Navy records, so it may of just been a degaussing test to protect the ship from magnetic mines.

But where would such a story come from? And how did the crew of the SS Andrew Furuseth see the same ship that was in Philadelphia waters only seconds before? These questions will probably be what keeps the Philadelphia Experiment an enigma, until either they are answered or just made unimportant by scientists discovering (or maybe rediscovering) the same thing.

All in all, its a good story, and probably will only get better with time.

PS - and for the perfectionists out there ...the boat was moving at a approximately 10 knots, the bottom of the hull was about 15 feet deep, and the ages of the sailors and scientists were between 15 and 57.

(source:-Author: C.

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