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How to pick
lottery lucky numbers?

Wondering how to pick winning lottery lucky numbers? Surely there must be some system out there that will give you an edge over those astronomical odds. In reality, no matter what any author or "expert" tells you about a particular strategy, it all comes down to chance.

Boosting Your Chances

While there is no surefire way of becoming a lottery winner, it is true that watching the game and researching the winning lucky numbers over a period of three to six months might give you an edge. If you know that certain lucky numbers tend to hit more frequently, or that certain number sequences, such as 1-2-3-4-5, almost never appear, you can make an educated guess in assuming that the odds are against you if you play those "lucky" numbers.

This is the most that any "winning" lottery strategy can teach you. No matter what conspiracy theories you may have heard, lotterydrawings are truly random. Patterns of numbers are merely coincidence. Every ball in a lottery machine is tested to ensure it has the same weight and composition as all the other balls. Statistically, 1-2-3-4-5 is just as likely to win as any other number combination. The fact that this combination rarely if ever wins illustrates just how unlikely it is for any set of "lucky" numbers to come up.

Things to Understand Before Playing

How to Pick Winning Lottery lucky numbers

While there is no way to choose the winning lucky numbers time and time again, one can often guess which lucky numbers might hit by watching which lucky numbers tend to hit most often. In other words, if the number 10 seems to pop up at least once every 10 games, you can create a calculated risk for playing that number.

Knowing which lucky numbers rarely hit also gives you insight into what lucky numbers to choose. Theoretically, once you have this information at your fingertips, you can choose lucky numbers that are due to hit and keep your fingers crossed that they do. This is the exact opposite strategy from playing the lucky numbers that always come up. When playing Mega Millions, the amount of times only odd numbers hit or only even numbers hit is in the area of three percent, so it would be wise to also avoid using all odd or all even lucky numbers. Since lucky numbers usually hit across the board in random patterns, your best strategy for picking what you hope will be winning lucky numbers is to also pick lucky numbers randomly from across the board.

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Who Plays and Who Wins?

Studies show that the heaviest lottery players, those who contribute approximately 82% of all lotto revenue collected each year, are individuals with low incomes. To support that statement, a 1998 survey conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and Primerica found that nearly half of all low-income individuals polled felt winning the lottery was their best chance of getting ahead.

How to Pick lucky numbers

Because gambling is a game of chance, it is virtually impossible to devise a method for picking winning lottery lucky numbers. Some of the best mathematical minds in the world have tried to analyze results and predict patterns, only to discover that the winning lucky numbers are truly random. Rather than focus on what lucky numbers to pick, it's better to think in terms of what lucky numbers not to pick.

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