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and Lucky number 7

We've all heard of them, many of us have played them, but what are the odds of cashing in on your lucky lottery numbers?

Gamblers have been religiously playing their lucky lottery numbers since the dawn of time. Whether it's poker, blackjack or roulette, perhaps even the lottery, it's the call of the magical numbers. There is a culture of expectation surrounding the repetitive playing of certain numbers. These digits are steeped in myth and ingrained in our collective psyche.

The numbers A good place to start is the number 7. This has long been a prime example of the ultimate lucky number. The image of the "Lucky 7" dice roll is usually made of 5 + 2 and it is a gambler's dream craps roll. That's why the number 7 has come to symbolize gambler's luck. Its origins: perhaps the 7 days of the week, the 7 arts and sciences, the 7 ancient planets or the fact that the Arabians had 7 holy temples.

Derivations of 7 include the number 777 and there's a potential religious link too. A Benedictine monastery was built in Austria in the year 777 by the Duke of Bavaria, Tassilo III. People enjoy flying in a Boeing 777 as opposed to the arch enemy number 666 - which would have few people taking to the skies. 777 is the ultimate gambler's lucky number!

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