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Known as one of the most generous lotteries in United Kingdom: National Lottery UK! It runs all Wednesday andSaturdays. You can become a winner of glorious jackpots! The mostattractive ones start at 12 millions, rolling over each week if there areno winners. Only three Jackpot rollovers are accepted. One rollover isfrequent, but three consecutive rollovers have only occured four times inthe history of the National Lottery. In the UK National Lottery, 6 numbers are drawn from a range between 1 and 49,plus a bonus ball. Players who hit three or more numbers have a chance towin a prize! Players who hit all six numbers win the jackpot. The bonusball is only useful for those who hit five of the six winning numbers.Those players who guessed five numbers and the bonus ball receive a biggerprize than those who only hit five numbers. When there is more than onewinner at a level of prizes, money is divided among all winners. Don't missthis opportunity.

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